As the summer months end in anticipation of autumn, Chinar trees begin shedding their amber colored leaves littering the surrounding landscape with an unlimited source of what will eventually become a beautiful natural canvas.

The leaves are then gathered by sculptors who have mastered the art of preparing and hand carving near exact images onto the fallen foliage to create a one-of-a-kind "masterpiece".

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The Art of Leaf Carving

Leaf Carving Artist


Creating leaf art is a long and complex process. Leaves are put through a 60 step process such as, manually cutting and removing the outer surface of the leaf while leaving the leafs veins intact which add detail into the subject matter of the carving. Pressing, curing and dying are also just a few of the steps needed to prepare the leaf. 

Just a few of the numerous steps it takes to create leaf art.

Talented artist using a magnifying glass, then skillfully carve their masterpiece by hand. No painting or printing is involved. The most common leaf used in leaf carving is the leaf of a Chinar tree, which is native to India, Pakistan, and China. Chinar leaves closely resemblance the leaf of a maple tree.


After special processing, the leaf blade forms a natural permanent pigment, so the color is stable, and corrosion resistance. An anti-aging treatment helps the leaves exceed the durability of thick paper. The size of these leaves varies since no two leaves are exactly the same. Each leaf is approximately 8 to 10 inches in size. The finished product is strong, durable, natural and beautiful. Leaf art makes an excellent gift or collection.